A handheld, easy to use, fun way to communicate in almost any language

The Flip’n’chat is a selection of basic words and phrases using the spoken words of one language to enable the user to speak another language

Have you ever travelled abroad and found yourself in a situation where some very basic language skills would have saved you a lot of trouble and embarrassment? If only you had had the words. The beauty of the Flip’n’chat is that it has the written words in the language spoken facing the viewer and your side you see how to pronounce the words or phrase.

Imagine a businessman travelling to Brazil for a meeting with his clients. Before he leaves he picks up an English to Portuguese Flip’n’chat on the way through the airport. He now has the ability to communicate and interact in a fun way that really breaks down barriers and brings people together. He gets his business done and really enjoys his time speaking with the locals, so much so that on his return home he enrols on a formal language course.

More than just translation and more fun than a phrasebook, the Flip’n’chat shows you how to pronounce many useful words and phrases. If you can speak simple English, you can speak almost any language with an (English to) Flip’n’chat. Not an education tool, but a way to meet and interact with the locals whilst on vacation to foreign lands. I feel that if you are visiting a foreign country then you must make some effort to talk to the local people. They are not there just to serve you lunch. They are the reason for the rich culture and history that you are there to see and experience.

Ultimately this Flip’n’chat can bring people of all nationalities closer together. If the user is able to enjoy communicating with locals whilst travelling, they may even feel motivated enough to begin learning the language. The more languages we can speak, the more chance there is for a better understanding of one another’s culture and way of life. It is a little ignorant to travel around the world expecting everyone to understand and speak English. We can, however, use our English to speak their language. We at least have to try. Just flip and chat. Have some fun